MagicPlate Kit MAGRKI

MagicPlate Kit MAGRKI



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Universele magneet houder telefoon/gps MAGRKI
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Universele magneet houder telefoon/gps MAGRKI

The MagicPlate™ is a perfect solution for a seamless color match between the MagicPlate™ Colors and your iPhone. The MagicPlate™ is offered in a perfect Black, White, Gold, Silver or Space Gray color match making the plate pleasing to the eye, whether you have no case or use a see-thru style case.

Included with this kit is one large and two small MagicPlates™, as well as two alcohol cleaning swabs.
Large Plate
Mounts larger devices and helps ensure a secure hold
Smaller Plates
Perfect for small devices and right spaces
Alcohol Wipes
Cleans surfaces ensuring a strong contact before applying the 3M™ adhesive pads
Install the MagicPlate behind your case or battery cover, directly to your rugged case or directly to your device.

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