Order, payment & shipment

On this page you will find a number of frequently asked questions about ordering, payments and shipping at PDAplus.nl. By clicking on the links below you can easily go to your question.

  1. Prices

    You can see the prices tax included and the prices without tax (for EU-companies). If the prices go fluctuate when you placed an order, we will correct the price on the running orders.

  2. Shopping cart

    Our shopping cart works equally to a shopping cart in a store. You put articles in it, but there is no obligation to buy them. It is offering you the possibility to look further in the webshop. You can always check what is in the shopping cart, no matter where you are in the webshop.

    During shopping at our website it is always possible to add articles to the shopping cart, just click on "Add to cart". Ofcourse it is always possible to remove articles out of the shopping cart. Just click on "My cart", select the article you want to remove, and press on "update". If you want to order the articles which are in the shopping cart, please take care that you have deleted the articles you do not want, and mention the right quantity per article.

  3. How to order?

    After you selected the articles you want in the shopping cart, you can press on "Checkout". Than you have the possibility to make a choice how you want to pay. After that you see a total survey of the articles you have ordered, if everything is OK you press on "Confirm". You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail, with your order number and depending on the payment-method the data you need for the payment.

    Please, do not worry if you made a mistake or you want to change or cancel your order, just send us a e-mail.

  4. International orders

    Generally we wil not deliver in non-EU countries. If you would like to order from a non-EU countries, please send us a email.

  5. Order status

    By logging in with your own account you can always check the status of your order. By every change of this status you will be informed by e-mail.

  6. Payment methods

    There are the following possibilities to pay:

    • Cash on Delivery (Netherlands only): payment will be done at the postman.
    • Payment in advance (national/international): After we received your payment, we will send you the goods as soon as possible. We expect the payment within 14 days. After that we will send you an e-mail to remember. Of course we will cancel the order when we do not receive the payment. We accept:
      • iDEAL
      • Payment via banking (IBAN)
      • PayPal (+4%)
      • Creditcard (Mastercard, Visa) (+4%)

    Payment by IBAN can be done to PDAplus BV, located in Nijkerk, Netherlands: Rabobank 3378.20.597. Please, mention your order number.

    For international payment: IBAN: NL97 RABO 0337 8205 97, SWIFT RABONL2U, concerning : Rabobank, Van 't Hoffstraat 24, 3863AX Nijkerk GLD, Netherlands, Tel: +31 33 2475475.

  7. Shipping costs

    The shipping costs are:

    National (Netherlands):

    • Cash on delivery: € 10,00
    • Payment in advance: € 5,95
    • iDEAl: € 5,95

    International (EU):

    • Payment in advance € 12,50

  8. Shipping

    PDAplus.nl is doing their utmost to ship your order within 5 working days. We will contact you when an article is not on stock, and inform you about the expected delivery time. Ofcourse there is always to possibility to cancel the order or some articles when you want. When you have paid already we will transfer the money back to you, also as soon as possible.

    We send by TNT Post Track & Trace. If you have a question about the status of your order, you can always contact us.

  9. When you receive your order

    Please, follow the next instructions after you received your order:

    • Remove the packaging of the articles carefully. When you send back any articles, we need the undamaged packaging also.
    • If there any problems, despite of our serious quality control, we ask you to report this immediately.
    • Check and fit a holder before you install it in your car. Please, check all functions. PDAplus is not responsible for the costs of the installation when you want to claim warranty or just want to send it back.